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Back in August 2019 we had a tremendous time in Ghana, where we met with the Paramount Chief of Agogo who’s niece is a part of SkyNet team here in London. Nana Sarpong has been all over the world lecturing on the effects of deforestation and you wouldn’t be-leaf how many trees he’s planted himself.

You may be wondering what has this got to do with International Shipping? Well, trees absorb carbon and as you can’t manage what you can’t measure, calculating carbon emissions is high on our customer’s agenda and carbon offsetting is high on ours. So far we have successfully planted 5.25ha of land in 2020. Site preparation for the establishment of the seedling nursery will commence in November 2020, for the production of seedlings on-site for next years planting.

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Carbon Offsetting

One tonne of CO2 would…

We suspect more and more of our customers will require their carbon footprint to be assessed and we are keen to take the next step and offset the emissions generated in delivering shipments globally. 

This is sure to become an even bigger focus for individuals and business since the recent 2050 Net Zero carbon target was set for England in May 2019.

There is considerable research that suggests carbon offsetting is the right thing to do to tackle climate change. 

It also presents PR, Corporate and Social Responsibility (CSR) and marketing opportunities which help businesses differentiate themselves from their competitors, and attract new business from like-minded organisations.

According to the https://www.rainforesttrust.org/ Ghana  has lost 60% of its rainforest cover, this is the highest percentage of rainforest loss of any tropical country. 

Due to this situation and the family connection between a member of staff at SkyNet London Ltd and the traditional ruler, Paramount Chief of Agogo, SkyNet London Ltd, & Agogohene Nana Akuoko Sarpong have formed this relationship. 

The aim of this relationship is to plant approximately 142,208 trees across 128 hectares of various species (soil permitting) within compartment 24 of South Bandai Forest Reserve to start with. 

There are 3 other compartments available for the project to expand.

On behalf of it's customers, the courier industry releases tonnes of carbon into the atmosphere everyday

The Good News…

The soil survey is under way and will be completed end of March 2020.

The result of this survey will identify which seedlings we need to grow and plant. Planting will be commencing during the first rainy season in April-June 2020.

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