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Hectares of land planted so far

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Hectares of land prepared for planting in 2021

An overview…

The damage to our planet caused by humans is already having an impact today. We have experienced record breaking weather in all parts of the world and weather that is just unexpected in certain places. Can you imagine what the world would be like for our grandchildren if this continues? Its an unbearable thought. 

We are aware of the impact of our business on the environment, and whilst this is our trade, it is our responsibility to do everything we can to reduce this. And here’s what we are doing to help!

Alongside our reduce, reuse and recycling policy where we regularly recycle our packaging as well as consumables within all our branches, our increasing electric and hybrid fleet, our solar panel and environmental friendly building, we have set up our own tree planting initiative in a place that needs it most, Ghana.

We are keen to share our project progress including pictures and videos with you, however if you have any questions or if you would like to know how you can be a part of our change just drop us an email at

Our timeline below shows you where we started and where we are now.

SkyNet Team

2021 20ha of land prepared for planting

We have confirmed and agreed we will be scaling the project up to 20ha of land to be planted this year. The land has been demarcated for this year, 2021, planting within the compartment. The area has been sub-locked into 5ha with the boundaries serving as fire rides. Due to the use of weedicides by some farmers, coupled with some harsh weather conditions, there were a number of mortalities of the seedlings planted last year. Replacement of the dead seedlings have been carried out. The seedlings that were used are Ofram, Mahogany, Kusia and Prekese. 

Preparation on the land has been done and our nursery has grown many seedlings ready for plantation. We are due an update report from the Forestry Research Institute of Kumasi containing information of plantation and how our 5.25ha of land plantation is doing.

2021 Update Report Received

We received an update report in April 2021. The implementation of the project has gone smoothly except for the harsh weather conditions and the interference of the farmers farming within the area which has resulted in us carrying out replacement planting for the dead seedlings. Since then there was a stakeholders meeting with all of the farmers within the project area. Farmers were informed about the serious harm to our project with their persistent use of weedicides. Farmers were asked to vacate the project land with immediate effect. After a period of deliberations, the farmers apologised and made a passionate appeal to be given a second chance. 

Community Service

Our project provides jobs for the local community which helps to improve their standard of living. As a part of social services, the project staff decided to visit a number of schools in Agogo to give them some tree seedlings to plant. At Agogo State College School, the project presented tree species such as Royal palm, Candle tree, Militia, Ofram and Mahogany.

Stakeholders Meeting

2020 Tree Nursery Built on-site

To ensure sustainable supply of seedlings for our project, a trees seedling nursery was established on site! Preparation for the nursery began in December 2020, with the clearing and preparation of the site and commencement of nursery structures. Within the period January to April 2021, seeds have been procured, nursed and are now growing vigorously in polypots, ready for planting our on the field.

Trees Raised:

Species                                                                       Quantity Raised

Tetrapleura tetraptera (Prekese)                                    7,000

Terminalia Superba (Ofram)                                            7,000

Khaya Ivorensis (Mahogany)                                            7,500

Entandrophragma Angloense                                         2,500

Nauclea Diderrichii                                                              6,000

Total                                                                                         30,000

2020 5.25ha of land successfully planted

Project activities for the year 2020 have been very successful, with the set target of 5 hectares fully achieved and slightly exceeded (5.25ha planted). Seedling survival, after replanting the dead seedlings, is very high, with the planted seedlings growing very well and at a fast rate on the field. We have had high enthusiasm being displayed by the local communities with our project activities, as it is clearly proving to a good source of income and livelihood to them. We have started constructing a nursery storage and worker’s shelter on site.

2020 Soil Survey

We have successfully conducted a soil survey which was done on our land to establish what type of soil was on the land and what trees could be planted on specific areas. It also highlighted treatments required on the soil for the soil to be able to support the life of the trees. It was recommended to us that most of the area is occupied by soils that are suitable for the establishment of tree species, however there are minor areas with marginal or unsuitable soils. The unsuitable soils are concretionary or shallow, with rock outcrops. It is therefore necessary to avoid these areas because soil will be naturally shallow and could restrict root development of tree species. It was recommended for us to carry out the following: 

- Liming and rock phosphate application

- Biochar co-compost application

- Cover cropping and manure application

- Mineral fertiliser (NPK) application

2019 Ghana Visit and Preperation

What started as an idea is slowly becoming reality! 

The marketing team and the managing director travelled to Ghana to meet with various people who could help us understand more about what is required in order for our project plan to go ahead. We outlined the most important things we needed like like, seedlings, workers, equipment and day-to-day management.

Through meeting the paramount chief of Agogo we gained 128ha of land from the forestry commission to plant trees. We also met with the director of The Forestry Research Institute of Kumasi, where we learnt a lot about the growth of trees and also the capabilities of the research institute. We then appointed the Forestry Research Institute of Kumasi to manage our project as well as provide us with seedlings. We will receive update reports that detail how our trees are growing and any issues as well as photos for us to see the development of our trees.

We met with the director from our SkyNet station Ghana, who travelled with us to Agogo and Kumasi. We agreed we will need help from them to assist us with managing the project as well as if there was a need to transport things from the UK to Ghana.

Watch our journey below.