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The courier and logistics industry has rapidly evolved and innovated in recent years, with advancements in technology and changing consumer demands driving much of the transformation. Here are some examples of Innovations that SkyNet has introduced recently to address the demands by our Customers.

The Innovation Lab

SkyNet recognises that change is inevitable. Obsoletion cycles have reduced from decades to weeks, sometimes in an environment driven by fast-paced technology, AI and an evolving workforce with habits and behaviours that differ vastly from those of generations prior.   

The temptation to be comfortable with winning formulas of yesteryear is real and must be avoided. As such, SkyNet has invested into remaining at the cutting edge of new logistics with the creation of the SkyNet Innovation Lab. Headed up by Eugene Swanepoel with more than 20 years’ experience in the Courier Express Parcel industry and ably assisted by Jaco De Freitas Branco in Africa and Etienne Du Toit in the UK and European markets.  

Part of their approach is enabling the SkyNet business units in the various countries to adopt new technology in creating differentiators in their respective markets. Not only does this provide innovative solutions for our customers but it creates a culture of innovation that translates across international boundaries and has become a golden thread around which our corporate culture revolves. Ideas and projects are incubated within the innovation lab until they reach a point of maturity sufficient enough to be handed to the SkyNet business unit, or to indeed become a business unit on their own. 

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Simplified VAT and Duty Payments for eCommerce

(South Africa and United Kingdom)

Our recently launched partnership with Eurora Solutions enables SkyNet to offer eCommerce retailers a streamlined solution to comply with customs and import regulations, making international trade simpler and more efficient.

This solution provides for the translation of product descriptions into legally required Harmonised System (HS) codes, allowing e-tailers to provide their consumers with full visibility of traditionally hidden VAT & Duty costs at initial check out.  Alternatively, e-tailers have the option to separate the transaction, followed by a later communication providing consumers with the value as well as a link to make payment and upload secure documents. The advantage of this is that all outstanding funds can be collected prior to releasing a package before incurring expensive international shipping costs.

Once the shipment has arrived in the country of delivery, there are no untimely custom delays but a simple pre-clearance and delivery process. With over 5,000 HS codes, accurate allocation is essential to avoid incorrect duties and taxes and potential fines from authorities, a service quickly and seamlessly enabled by Eurora’s AI engine.

Post Brexit, SME’s in the UK require a valid IOSS (Import One Stop Shop) accreditation to have access to Europe through a single distribution point.  Through our partnership with Eurora, SkyNet enables SME’s to have access once again to the European markets by providing them with IOSS codes required to facilitate the reconciliation and payment of VAT with the EU. 

Find out how SkyNet can help you solve your international vat and duty reconciliation and payments.  

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Cross-border Clearance

Our recently launched partnership with Eurora Solutions enables SkyNet to offer e-commerce retailers a streamlined solution to comply with customs and import regulations, making cross-border trade simpler and more efficient. 

The solution provides translation of product descriptions into legally required Harmonised System (HS) codes, giving our Customers access to IOSS (Import One Stop Shop) import validation not normally available to smaller exporters. 

The IOSS service automates VAT registration and reporting when shipping goods to the European Union (EU), while Eurora’s AI engine streamlines HS code allocation. With over 5,000 HS codes, accurate allocation is essential to avoid incorrect duties and taxes as well as potential fines from authorities. 

Find out how SkyNet can help you solve your cross-border vat and duties reconciliation and payment requirements. 

Droppa On-Demand Services

(South Africa)

Droppa is an on-demand transport service that makes it easier and safer to transport parcels, goods and furniture. It provides consumers mobile access to the courier world, focussing on a seamless user experience. Using mobile devices, consumers can now collect and deliver packages within minutes rather than days, enjoying full visibility of the entire process including live coverage of the vehicle being deployed.  

Droppa has focused on the premium end of the on-demand services, disrupting the traditional Same Day courier offering. Dedicated vehicle and driver solutions to satisfy quick or scheduled needs in the parcel industry were expanded to include tailored solutions for the construction, furniture delivery and vehicle rental markets. This has started as an African solution that will be scaled internationally in due course. To try it out, why don’t you download the Droppa app from your local app store or visit 

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SkyNet SPAR2U in front of Kwikspar

Quick Delivery (Spar2U Grocery Deliveries)

(South Africa)

How shopping has changed! No longer do we need to face traffic, look for parking and fight fellow shoppers amongst narrow aisles! From the comfort of our own homes, we can access the Spar2U application and have our groceries or evening glass of wine, delivered to our front door at a time suitable to us. Both SPAR and Tops are available as online shopping outlets.  By the end of May 2023 this offering will be available at over 300 stores and will continue to grow throughout the rest of the year.   

SkyNet will be embracing a green solution in transitioning our entire SPAR2U fleet to fully electric vehicles.  Not only do we truly believe it is the right thing to do for our environment, but we further want to be part of the growing community that believe the electric vehicle movement will become the operational and cost model of choice.  

Hold and Call Service

(United Kingdom)

Say goodbye to expensive return chargesSkynet’s Hold and Call service offers you the convenience of returning your goods prior to despatch, avoiding any extra customs fees should the receiver change their mind upon arrival.   With us, you can rest assured that you wont have to deal with any customs problems as we take care of all the necessary paperwork and procedures for you prior to despatch. 

We also offer you the ability to provide your goods back into stock within 24 hours of return confirmation so you can keep your business running smoothly without any interruptions and with all communication to the consignee provided by SkyNet You can be sure that your customers will be kept informed during every step of the process. 

International GST data formatting

(United Kingdom)

SkyNet offers the customers the option to adjust the shipment values to avoid paying VAT on VATIt has been proven that many Customers face a problem when required to provide us with the split values of their shipments and products by the Cost of Goods and VAT.

SkyNet has devised an innovative solution to solve the problem by reducing the Customer’s declared values based on the destination country’s VAT percentage.  

The Customer simply needs to advise SkyNet if their declared values are, including the destination country VAT.  We then configure our system to adjust the values and declare the correct cost of goods to the destination customs. 

The solution is presently capable of doing these adjustments for all European Countries and Singapore. It can also help with the VAT reconciliation for IOSS/OVR accounts, as SkyNet can provide a full list of all the shipments SkyNet has declared on the Customer’s behalf, detailing the declared values and VAT amounts.  

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