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Unlock the potential of underserved areas with a SkyNet franchise!

While others focus on major cities, we thrive in far reaching places, whether it is Oudtshoorn, Ondangwa or Okene.

Fulfilling the need that online shopping and eCommerce create, SkyNet empowers local entrepreneurs to run operations in their own geographic areas, fostering a deep commitment to success and growth. 

Our franchise model is built on a foundation of entrepreneurialism, ensuring that your dedication translates into success.

Join us expanding our logistics network beyond the ordinary, providing excellent service and affordability to every corner of the globe. Your success is our success, and we’re here to support you every step of the way.

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Why become a SkyNet Franchisee?

We believe that part of SkyNet’s competitive advantage lies in serving beyond the traditional logistic gateways. Serving Johannesburg or Windhoek is quite simple and hence, everyone does it. But, having coverage into Oudtshoorn or Ondangwa allows for a different set of opportunities that serve us well, specifically in the eCommerce world. Online e-tailers are accessible by all, whether you live in London or the outback of Australia. Having the ability to serve these areas with excellence and at an acceptable price point is important.

At SkyNet, we prefer having owners of a particular geographic area running their operations. They care more. They are vested in the success and growth of the operation far more than having an employee receiving a salary. We embrace a culture of entrepreneurialism as part of our DNA, and we want to work with like-minded operators.

We believe in providing a platform that incentivizes growth that will carry a dual benefit to SkyNet as franchisor and you as the potential Franchisee. We understand that without you, there is no success for SkyNet and our model is tailored to give you every chance at achieving this success.

Keen to become a franchisee?

Thank you for your interest in becoming a SkyNet franchisee. SkyNet adheres to a stringent franchisee selection process. The completion of this questionnaire doesn’t obligate SkyNet or the applicant in any way or manner.

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