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SkyNet Expands Its Reach with Acquisition of SkyNet Worldwide Express Hong Kong

SkyNet International Holdings, the primary shareholder within the SkyNet global network, is thrilled to announce a significant milestone as they acquire ownership of SkyNet Worldwide Express Hong Kong, effective from October 1, 2023. This strategic investment marks a pivotal step in the expansion of the SkyNet global network as it makes its entry into the pivotal Hong Kong market, well-known as the gateway to China for e-commerce and express parcel services. With China’s reputation as the largest e-commerce and express market in Asia, Hong Kong’s unique location and economic attributes establish it as an indispensable supply chain gateway for China.

SkyNet Hong Kong will now focus on developing Hong Kong into a central gateway for both inbound and outbound product flows, positioning it as a pivotal gateway for the entire Asian region. SkyNet Worldwide Express Hong Kong has already established itself as a prominent brand within the local market, specializing in premium last-mile deliveries for UK and European brands. The company also offers comprehensive end-to-end express and e-commerce parcel services, connecting the UK, Europe, and Asia with consumers in Hong Kong. With its own delivery fleet, SkyNet manages both first-mile and last-mile operations for various Western brands.

Incorporating Hong Kong into its network will allow SkyNet Hong Kong to extend its operations to other major Chinese cities and foster substantial partnerships within China to cater to this vast market. Furthermore, SkyNet Hong Kong will position itself as a transshipment hub for express and e-commerce parcels across Asia, capitalizing on Hong Kong’s extensive network of direct flights and substantial volume capacity to create robust connections to the UK, EU, USA, Australia, India, and the broader Asian region.

Tommy Erasmus, CEO of SkyNet International Holdings, expressed the company’s dedication to enhancing customer satisfaction through investments in industry experts, particularly in the China/Hong Kong region. He envisions Hong Kong becoming one of the largest gateways in the SkyNet International network, facilitating access for Chinese consumers to Western brands. Skynet Hong Kong is already offering a range of services, including first-mile, last-mile, returns, e-fulfilment, and end-to-end solutions for various destination markets, with a particular focus on niche markets that are popular with both Western and Asian brands.

Notably, SkyNet’s investment in industry experts has resulted in key appointments. Chaminda Gunasekera, a 29-year veteran in e-commerce and freight forwarding, joins as Managing Director for Asia and Australia and will lead the expansion in Asia while spearheading SkyNet’s sustainability initiatives. Rosa Man, with a strong background in e-commerce, is appointed as the Head of Commercial for North Asia, bringing valuable experience from her previous work with prominent e-commerce brands in Hong Kong. Enoch Wong, an experienced air freight specialist with extensive e-commerce linehaul expertise, takes on the role of Head of Operations for Cross-border products. This accomplished team complements Edith Cheuk, who leads the SkyNet Hong Kong team as General Manager.

SkyNet is enthusiastic about the prospects and challenges presented by the China/Hong Kong market, the largest e-commerce and express market in Asia. SkyNet aims to expand its product offerings to cater to this significant market, positioning Hong Kong as a natural transshipment hub with its free port status in Asia. This will create trade lanes from China and Hong Kong to the rest of the world and vice versa. SkyNet’s unique advantage lies in its single operating system across 190+ countries, simplifying client integrations through a single API with access to over 220 existing carriers/SkyNet Countries. This, coupled with user-friendly IT capabilities, enables clients to quickly connect with SkyNet and access services across 190 countries.

As part of the SkyNet network, SkyNet Hong Kong is poised to unlock trade potentials and solidify its role as a key logistics hub in the China and Asia region, making trade between the two regions smoother and more efficient.

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